Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Where is Grizzly Pet Products Located?

Grizzly’s headquarters and main manufacturing plant are located in Woodinville, Washington, USA, where all bottling, baking and dehydration take place. Grizzly Salmon Oil is produced In Grizzly-owned plants in Alaska.

What does NASC Certified mean?

The National Animal Supplements Council (NASC) was founded in 2001 to improve and standardize the animal health supplement industry. The yellow NASC Quality Seal allows consumer to choose reputable products manufactured by companies that have successfully completed a lengthy and detailed facility audit for the implementation of specific quality standards. Learn more about the NASC Quality Seal on these two websites: and NASC.

Does your facility adhere to GMP guidelines?

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are only applicable to the manufacture of drugs for human consumption. Our products fall under pet supplementation guidelines, which are also regulated by the FDA, but under their own set of standards. In addition to following FDA regulation in our manufacturing processes, we are also a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), which provides safe standards for pet supplements manufacturing and labeling.

Why are your products labeled “For Animal Use Only?”

Because we follow the FDA’s guidelines for pet supplements and do not manufacture human products.

Where do you source your fish?

All of our fish (and krill) is sourced wild, not farmed. Our salmon are sourced from the Pacific Ocean near Alaska; our Pollock are sourced from the Bering Sea (also near Alaska); our Krill are sustainably sourced from the Antarctic Ocean—harvested in accordance with international standards set by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR).

Where are your products manufactured?

In our Woodinville, Washington plant.

Are your products sustainable / environmentally friendly?

Our philosophy about sustainable, environmentally-friendly approaches runs through pretty much everything we do here at Grizzly… starting with our choice of sourcing wild fish and krill, versus farmed. Aside from its superior and dramatically higher levels of inherent Omega-3s and nutrients, it is our firm belief that wild caught salmon is far more sustainable for our environment than fish farms. Although it is theoretically possible to have an environmentally neutral fish farming operation, they are expensive to run properly, and thus quite rare.

Secondly, we do not “go fishing” for the wild salmon used in our oil and treats. Instead, the idea for our business was born when we discovered that many parts of the salmon were being discarded / going unused after the fish had been processed into filets for human consumption. By developing partnership agreements and locating facilities adjacent to human-grade fish processing plants in Alaska, we are able to use the left over co-products to extract our salmon oil, thus utilizing far more of the fish for a very good purpose: our pets!

Last but not least, we were one of the first pet supplement companies to offer an alternative fish oil line sourced from wild Alaskan Pollock, which we hope continues to satisfy our customers with similar health benefits at a more affordable price point.