Grizzly Pet Products has implemented and enforces a strict Minimum Advertised Pricing / Minimum Retail Pricing (MAP) Policy.

Grizzly utilizes MAP Tracking Software that notifies vendors when they have violated this policy and infringed on the Intellectual Property and Rights pertaining to reselling Grizzly products.

When an infraction is detected, violators will receive two notification letters, followed by a notice of placement onto the Do Not Sell List and suspension of their purchasing capabilities. This process allows vendors 72 hours to fix all pricing violations and become compliant with Grizzly Pet Product’s policies.

Grizzly Pet Products reserves the right to determine the length of suspension on a case by case basis.

Grizzly Pet Products MAP Policy and Guidelines

  • Grizzly Pet Products are ONLY permitted for sale on Pet Specialty* Websites, or by Pet Specialty* 3rd Party Resellers.
    *Pet Specialty: Designated as companies that only sell pet products.
  • is the ONLY Grizzly-approved platform for 3rd party sales.
    – Walmart,, Sears, eBay, and others are NOT approved.
  • Distributors are NOT permitted to sell any Grizzly Pet Products to,,, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Sears, Target, Marshalls, Bed Bath & Beyond, TJ Maxx, Home Depot, or any other grocery or mass channel.
    – Grizzly Pet Products are NOT approved for FDM sales.
  • Distributors are NOT permitted to sell any Grizzly Pet Products to Online Retailers and 3rd Party Resellers unless prior permission is acquired directly from Grizzly.
  • Grizzly Super Foods are ONLY permitted to be sold by Brick & Mortar Accounts.
    – Brick & Mortar proprietary websites are permitted.
    – 3rd Party Sales are NOT permitted for Grizzly Super Foods.
  • Auto-Ship and Subscribe & Save Prices are NOT permitted to fall below MAP Pricing.
    – ‘Cart-Price’ is NOT permitted to fall below MAP Pricing.

Brand Integrity is of utmost importance at Grizzly Pet Products. We greatly appreciate your business as well as your compliance.

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