Announcing Grizzly’s Affordable New “Health Line”—available online

Grizzly Pet Products believes in supporting local “brick & mortar” pet supply businesses to our fullest potential, because they typically carry the widest variety of Grizzly’s original product line, backed by the personal service to order a product if it’s not in stock.

In addition, online shopping retailers like Amazon, Chewy, Jet, and Walmart historically do not follow pricing policies set by manufacturers, resulting in all sorts of consumer confusion when Grizzly’s original products were sold online for dramatically different prices.

In response, Grizzly Pet Products has developed a new product line called Grizzly Health Line, which is identifiable by the blue fish in the product label logo (versus the traditional salmon-colored fish) shown above.

Grizzly Health Line is a more cost-friendly version of our traditional products, designed to compete with online retailer pricing approaches by having lower inclusion levels of the active ingredients.

Purchase Grizzly’s Health Line products via the following Grizzly-approved and authorized online eTailers:

Avidog Essentials
Healthy Pets
Jeffers Vet Supply
Lambert Vet Supply
Steve Lantvit Horsemanship
Value Pet

Grizzly’s Original Pet Products Line—available on

Yes, you can still purchase Grizzly Pet Products’ original products online, however when you do, you are getting them from 3rd party resellers—NOT from Grizzly.

At this time, Grizzly only permits a small number of Amazon resellers to sell our original products online.

Original Grizzly products found on other 3rd party platforms—including eBay, Jet, Walmart, Sears, and others—are not approved by Grizzly, in order to protect our product quality, pricing, and resulting customer trust.

Regardless of what platform a 3rd party reseller uses, we are dedicated to reviewing, regulating, restricting, removing and enforcing any 3rd party resellers that do not comply with our policies, so you get the level of customer service that you deserve and that we require.

Purchase Grizzly’s Original Pet Products via the following Grizzly-approved and authorized Amazon resellers:

Brask Pet Supply
Cherrybrook Premium Pet Supplies
Deal 4K
Entirely Pets
Little Family Members
Pet Paradise, Inc.
Piccard Meds 4 Pets
Value Pet Supplies


Thank you for being a Grizzly Pet Products customer; we sincerely appreciate your understanding in allowing us to maintain the utmost in quality!