Buddy DeCasperis

Buddy DeCasperis is a 5 year old rescue Golden Retriever. He is a sweet, lovable and great companion. About a year ago, he developed severe allergies to numerous products, including poultry, rice, dairy and environmental allergies. He’s been put on a number of medications, none seemed to work. I did some research and learned about your product. The results are nothing but miraculous. We are still on our first bottle and have been adding it to his food every day (4 pumps.) I’m amazed and wanted to share these “before” and “after” pictures. – Ilyssa E.


Peter Robyn Thomas LisoneOtto JRT senior appetiteJust want to tell you again how wonderful your product is! My boy has never looked so good! LOVE Grizzly Pet Products Salmon Oil! THANK YOU! Here’s my handsome happy boy, Peter! (shown at left; photo by www.muttography.com) – Robyn T.L.


Thanks to your Wild Salmon Oil my 15-year old Jack Russell “Otto” (pictured at right) likes his food again. Thanks!! – Sabineski R.

Sadie crop———
I switched my Sadie’s fish oil to your brand and in just one month her coat has turned so soft and lovely. Thank you for making such a high quality and most importantly a safe product. (photo at left) – Sharon K.



Wesson left Roux right

Hi! I just wanted to share how much I love your products! My rescue dogs Wesson (above, on left) has been taking your pollock oil since last year because he can’t generate enough of his own natural oils, and Roux (above, on right) has started taking your liquid joint supplement for severe arthritis in her back leg.

Neither of them liked the usual chalky or gummy pills they would normally be forced to take for supplements. Fortunately I found these products and have seen an impressive difference!

Wesson’s skin is amazing and I haven’t seen Roux limp in 2 weeks since she went off meds and went to just the supplement. They love the liquids on top of their kibble too, that’s all it takes for them to dig in. :-) – Cassandra P.


Rasha_Salmon_OilOne of my pups “Rasha” (pictured at right) has terrible skin issues. Since we’ve started giving her your salmon oil supplement, her hair has filled back in and she’s much less itchy. We’ve tried so many things and your product has been the only thing that has given her relief and helped her heal. She loves your salmon oil so much and it’s helped her with her skin issues tremendously. Thanks for making such an awesome product… you definitely have lifetime customers! – Jennifer V.


Our rescue recently took in nine puppymill pugs from Arkansas that were infested with fleas and are in horrific shape with severe flea dermatitis—no hair, blackened skin, scales on scales, green crusty eyes (one pug may actually lose her eyes) :-( and all had worms. This is a amazing product to help them get healthy again!! Bless your product and say prayers for our Arkansas Nine as we lovingly call these babies. – Karen P., Green Mountain Pug Rescue

——— Chewed bottle pollock oil

<– How much do my dogs like your Pollock oil? This much! (note the chewed pump tip) It now resides top shelf only. – Karen R.


(I met you all at) my first Westminster and what an event! My sister-in-law was showing her Irish Water Spaniel and I spoke to you (and ordered more oil) about our shepherd mix and how the oil has helped him through a rough bout of demodectic mange. About 2 weeks after getting Henry he started losing the hair around his eyes and top of his head—the classic onset of mange. But the poor guy just kept losing! We started him on ivermectin and the vet also suggested an oil to help maintain what hair he did have. We tried olive oil but that didn’t agree with his puppy tummy. Our Invisible Fence dealer carried Grizzly and recommended it. We’ve been fans ever since! Not only does it contain all of the nutrients and vitamins for overall health but it has helped Henry grow his hair back. Henry ended up being dosed with daily liquid ivermectin for over 5 months but the mange has finally subsided. With the help of his daily salmon oil he has lots of gorgeous, thick and shiny fur. He’s also 115 pounds!!! Our older lab mix, Domingo, gets daily Grizzly too and we’ve noticed an improvement in the health and thickness of his coat as well. Yeah for Grizzly! Jennifer D



This is how sad my doggie, Sniffy (pictured above), gets when he’s out of your treats. – Jill D.

——— Shamrock Luck

Hi my name is Shamrock Luck (photo at right). I just started eating your salmon oil and I Love it! I have very itchy skin and my mom hopes this will help. – Cynthia O.

——— Lola Maple

Thank you Grizzly Pet Products for wonderful nutrition and joint supplements! Lola Maple (Boxer at left) is such a happy and healthy dog thanks to you!!! Xoxo – Stacey A.D.


I just wanted to say that for years my pointer has suffered with a dry nose so bad that would crack… I was constantly lathering his nose up with vaseline and similar products, especially in the winter when it would get really bad (sometimes bleed). Nothing seemed to work. I recently purchased your salmon oil and literally within a week his nose is significantly smoother, EVEN MOIST!! He hasn’t had a moist nose in years! No more cracks, no more flaking, no more dry nose. I can’t believe the difference and I am so happy he doesn’t have to suffer with it anymore! Thank you! – Karlina B.

——— Jennifer F. dogs

If you have an older dog or a picky eater… My dogs (pictured above) LOVE their Grizzly Salmon Oil! – Jennifer F.

——— Tybee dozer

Absolutely love your salmon oil! Here is one of my dogs, Tybee (at right), and I never imagined her coat could be so incredibly shiny! Thanks guys! – Krista R.

Tegan and Bliss———

(Pictured at left) is 3 year old Tegan and 13 year old Bliss. They both use your salmon oil! – Elizabeth H.


After the surgery to her knee, I could not get Lucille to eat. She just didn’t want food. I knew she had not eaten in about two days, so I decided to add some of your new Pollock Oil to her food. When I offered her the food again, she smelled it and dove into her supper. This afternoon I noticed that she was standing and waiting for her food. Thank you for your wonderful products… they are helping to heal my Lucille! – Bill M.

——— Nemo

10 year old Nemo wants to thank Grizzly Pet Products for help keeping him feeling young! (photo above) – The Whimsy Dog Studio


All 8 of my ferrets enjoy this as a treat. It’s the only way I can clip their nails. And I know it’s healthy—unlike most ferret treats. Thanks Grizzly for making such quality products! – Tabitha F.

——— Mary T. dogsBo

My flat coat Harley has been using grizzly oil for about a year everyone comments on her beautiful coat. We now have a 11 week old puppy boxer mix who I just started on grizzly oil. Thanks for a wonderful product! Happy Holidays and New Year! – Mary T. (photo at left)


Bo is a picky eater and often doesn’t want to eat his kibble. I recently started mixing in a couple pumps of the Grizzly Salmon Oil. Bo loves it! He chows his kibble now! I’m excited to see some healthy changes in his skin and coat. – Amanda M. (photo at right)


I just wanted to say how much I love this product. I have 2 Labradors (one chocolate and one yellow) and their coats are just amazing. I have used several different salmon oil brands and even other fish oils in the past, and as soon as I returned to using this product I would see a change in a few days. I now use it exclusively. And my babies (labs) love it. My husband even made a comment on how soft their coats were!!! Thank you. – Lindsay H.

——— Penny Ferret 1 This is my ferret Penelope (pictured above). My four ferrets think Grizzly salmon oil is the best! It is their favorite treat. – Morgan T.


Bowdu and BowpiCharlieBowdu (the Shiba Inu) and Bowpi (the Basenji) are very interested in the wild salmon treats. We got a bag of these treats in a Pawalla box, this was their favorite item that month! – The House of Two Bows (photo at left)


I think Grizzly Salmon Oil is key to keeping my pup’s coat looking nice. Charlie here had a super day at work and everyone commented on how shiny and nice he looked. Debby K.


Black Pearl The “Black Pearl” – all American Dog Registry’s Female National Champion (pictured above), she also took the Tom Garner Invitational Champion’s Cup. Backroad Bob took a 2nd place at the AADR Nationals. Thanks again Grizzly, once again you guys helped us out! – Phillip C.

——— Martha G dogLynn F. malamute

This little deer (pictured at left) loves your Pollock oil with his food. Thanks for making such a great product. – Martha G.


Your oven baked salmon treats are the PERFECT training tool for our Alaskan Malamutes (pictured at right). – Lynn F.


I started using Grizzly Salmon Oil for my Yellow Lab, Dozer, in June 2007, on the advice of a friend with three dogs. He had been using the product for some time and felt quite comfortable recommending it to me. We adopted Dozer in the fall of 2006, and he had chronic ear infections, along with constant scratching of his torso. I was taking him to the vet’s office every couple of weeks for ear cleaning and new prescriptions to control what I considered to be an out of control problem. I changed his diet several times, thinking he might have allergies, but the infections continued. My co-worker and I spoke of the problem, and he told me about the Salmon Oil, and I figured it was worth a try. Since using the Salmon Oil, I have not taken Dozer to the vet for any ear problems whatsoever. His ears are completely free of any yeast infections, and his eyes are brighter too! His coat is shiny, soft and he isn’t shedding as much, or scratching. I am amazed by the results, and the savings. Each time we went to the vet, it was almost $100 between the cleaning and the prescriptions. This product has not only been healthy for the dog, but a financially sound one for my family! Grizzly Salmon Oil is a truly fine product. Sincerely, Amy L.

——— Reny Grosinski happy 2Pi Dog Martha G

Happy Reny! He was veryyyyy excited with his package from Grizzly Pet Products!!! Thank you sooo very much. – Debbie G.


Pi Dog is very excited to dig into his prize pack for winning the Halloween photo contest. His Rx for today is Grizzly Salmon Fillets. – Martha G.